Overview of activities

FD(faculty development)

We conduct FD (faculty development) activities on an ongoing basis so as to improvement the content of our teaching staff's classes along with their qualities as teachers. Please click here to find out more about our past FD activities.

21st Century Program

The 21st Century Program is a multidisciplinary educational program which transcends existing frameworks, designed to utilize the university’s educational resources to their fullest potential. The goal of this program is to nurture “highly professional generalists” who excel at uncovering issues and setting challenges in relation to the myriad problems facing society and humanity in the 21st century, and work towards their solution.

21st Century Program website

Division of Student Counseling and Guidance

At the Division for Student Counseling and Guidance, four full-time counselors specializing in clinical psychology are available to students from this university for consultations on issues relating to student life and studies. These counselors are teaching staff from the Faculty of Arts and Science Division for Student Counseling and Guidance.

Student Counseling and Guidance website (Japanese only)

Admissions Center

The Admissions Center is run by teaching staff from the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Division for Admission and office staff from the Academic Affairs Division. The center aims to conduct surveys and research on diverse methods of selecting students and utilize the results of these in the actual admissions process. It also provides admissions information, including careers advice and entrance examination guidance.

Admissions Center website (Japanese only)

Active Learning Classroom

As part of its activities to improve the standard of education, the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Division for Admission has put in place a classroom that incorporates a system for implementing active learning. In addition, the faculty is involved in a range of initiatives relating to education, such as using ICT devices or experimental presentation devices in classes. In addition, it also provides loans of devices and provides support for classes.

Active Learning Classroom website (Japanese only)

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