2020/3/26 Our oldest member, Dr. Kessamaru (JSPS PD), departed.

2020/3/23 Graduation Ceremony (Simplified).

2019/12/28 "Information for Lab Members" The Alumni Association will be held. For more information, please contact us.

2019/11/16 Ms. Ohashi gave an oral presentation at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Kyushu Branch.

2019/10/ 23-24 Mr. Sakamoto gave a poster presentation at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Japan Peptide Society. 

2019/9/19 Dr. Kesamaru won the Young Scientist's Best Presentation Award at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.

2019/9/10 Mr. Sakamoto and Ms. Ohashi won the Excellent Presentation Award at the 19th Izumiya Colloquium.

2019/6/21 Graduate students in the Structural and Functional Biochemistry Lab have been recruited to work with us until February, and the number has increased (Temporary).

2019/4/19/ Members updated.

Start of a new school year on /2019/4/1.

2019/3/20/ Graduation Ceremony. Mr. Tatsubo, who had been with us since the establishment of the laboratory, became a doctor..