• 論文紹介:Author1 & Author2: Title. Journal Vol, FirstPage–LastPage, Year.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Author1 & Author2: Title. Journal Vol, FirstPage–LastPage, Year.
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  • 学会発表練習


  • 学会発表練習


  • 論文紹介:Rocco Mennella, Elisabetta Patron, Daniela Palomba: Frontal alpha asymmetry neurofeedback for the reduction of negative affect and anxiety. Behaviour Research and Therapy 92, 32–40, 2017.
  • 出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Jesus Minguillon, M. Angel Lopez-Gordo, Francisco Pelayo: Trends in EEG-BCI for daily-life: Requirements for artifact removal. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 31, 407–418, 2017.
  • 諸連絡、構想中の研究、統計の話


  • 卒論進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 出張報告(SfN)


  • 論文紹介:Kathrin C. J. Eschmann, Regine Bader, Axel Mecklinger: Topographical differences of frontal-midline theta activity reflect functional differences in cognitive control abilities. Brain and Cognition 123, 57–64, 2018.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:SM Hadi Hosseini, Mika Pritchard-Berman, Natasha Sosa, Angelica Ceja, and Shelli R. Kesler: Task-Based Neurofeedback Training: A Novel Approach Toward Training Executive Functions. Neuroimage 134, 153–159, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 強化学習レクチャー
  • 論文紹介:I. Momennejad, E. M. Russek, J. H. Cheong, M. M. Botvinick, N. D. Daw & S. J. Gershman: The successor representation in human reinforcement learning. Nature Human Behaviour 1, 680–692, 2017.


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Sebastian Scholz, Signe Luisa Schneider, Michael Rose: Differential effects of ongoing EEG beta and theta power on memory formation. PLoS ONE 12:e0171913, 1–18, 2017.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Young J. Son, Chungyoon Chun: Research on electroencephalogram to measure thermal pleasure in thermal alliesthesia in temperature step-change environment. Indoor Air 00:1–8, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1111/ina.12491
  • 諸連絡(沢山あり)


  • 論文紹介:Jinn-Rong Wang, Shulan Hsieh: Neurofeedback training improves attention and working memory performance. Clinical Neurophysiology 124, 2406–2420, 2013.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Ming Chang, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Yasushi Naruse, Hideyuki Ando & Taro Maeda: Unconscious learning of auditory discrimination using mismatch negativity (MMN) neurofeedback. Scientific Reports 4:6729, 1–5, 2014.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Leonardo Badino, Alessandro D'Ausilio, Luciano Fadiga, Giorgio Metta: Computational Validation of the Motor Contribution to Speech Perception. TopiCS in Cognitive Science 461–475, 2014. https://doi.org/10.1111/tops.12095
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Olga Rass, Woo-Young Ahn, Brian F. O’Donnell: Resting-state EEG, impulsiveness, and personality in daily and nondaily smokers. Clinical Neurophysiology 127, 409–418, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 修論進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Stefanie Enriquez-Geppert, René J. Huster, Robert Scharfenort, Zacharais N. Mokom, Jörg Zimmermann, Christoph S. Herrmann: Modulation of frontal-midline theta by neurofeedback. Biological Psychology 95, 59–69, 2014.
  • 諸連絡、近況・進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:RolandHasler et al.: Attention-related EEG markers in adult ADHD. Neuropsychologia 87, 120–133, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Michael X Cohen and Charan Ranganath: Reinforcement Learning Signals Predict Future Decisions. The Journal of Neuroscience 27, 371–378, 2007.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Roman Rozengurt, Limor Shtoots, Aviv Sheriff, Ofir Sadka, Daniel A. Levy: Enhancing early consolidation of human episodic memory by theta EEG neurofeedback. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 145, 165–171, 2017.
  • 運営報告・諸連絡


  • 論文紹介:Alberto Pisoni, Giulia Mattavelli, Costanza Papagno, Mario Rosanova, Adenauer G. Casali, and Leonor J. Romero Lauro: Cognitive Enhancement Induced by Anodal tDCS Drives Circuit-Specific Cortical Plasticity. Cerebral Cortex 1–9, 2017. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhx021
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Aurelio Cortese, Kaoru Amano, Ai Koizumi, Mitsuo Kawato & Hakwan Lau: Multivoxel neurofeedback selectively modulates confidence without changing perceptual performance. Current Biology 26, 1861–1866, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 研究活動のガイダンス(岡本)
  • 長めの自己紹介(全員)
  • 短めの研究紹介(学生)



  • 論文紹介:Konstantina Zougkou, Netta Weinstein, and Silke Paulmann: ERP correlates of motivating voices: quality of motivation and time-course matters. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 1687–1700, 2017.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Sophia C. Poletti, Annachiara Cavazzana, Cagdas Guducu, Maria Larsson & Thomas Hummel: Indistinguishable odour enantiomers: Differences between peripheral and central-nervous electrophysiological responses. Scientific Reports 7:8978, 1–7, 2017.
  • SfN出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Alexei Ossadtchi, Tatiana Shamaeva, Elizaveta Okorokova, Victoria Moiseeva & Mikhail A. Lebedev: Neurofeedback learning modifies the incidence rate of alpha spindles, but not their duration and amplitude. Scientific Reports 7:3772, 1–12, 2017.
  • SfN出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Kaoru Amano, Kazuhisa Shibata, Mitsuo Kawato, Yuka Sasaki, Takeo Watanabe: Learning to Associate Orientation with Color in Early Visual Areas by Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback. Current Biology 26, 1861–1866, 2016.


  • 論文紹介:V.V. Apanovich, B.N. Bezdenezhnykh, M. Sams, I.P. Jääskeläinen, YuI Alexandrov: Event-related potentials during individual, cooperative, and competitive task performance differ in subjects with analytic vs. holistic thinking. International Journal of Psychophysiology in press, 1–7, 2017.
  • rtFIN2017出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Ivan E. de Araujo, Edmund T. Rolls,Maria Inés Velazco, Christian Margot, Isabelle Cayeux: Cognitive Modulation of Olfactory Processing. Neuron 46, 671–679, 2005.
  • SfN出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Li-Wei Ko, Oleksii Komarov, W. David Hairston, Tzyy-Ping Jung and Chin-Teng Lin: Sustained Attention in Real Classroom Settings: An EEG Study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11:388, 1–10, 2017.
  • SfN出張報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 冷暖房論文掲載までの闘いの振り返り


  • 論文紹介:Suzanne Dikker, Lu Wan, Ido Davidesco, Lisa Kaggen, Matthias Oostrik, James McClintock, Jess Rowland, Georgios Michalareas, Jay J. Van Bavel, Mingzhou Ding, and David Poeppel: Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Tracks Real-World Dynamic Group Interactions in the Classroom. Current Biology 27, 1375–1380, 2017.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Julieta Ramos-Loyo, Luis A. Llamas-Alonso, Andrés A. González-Garrido & Juan Hernández-Villalobos: Emotional Contexts Exert a Distracting Effect on Attention and Inhibitory Control in Female and Male Adolescents. Scientific Reports 7:2082, 1–10, 2017.
  • 岡本研での研究活動とJCのイントロ



  • 個別研究指導(修論強化月間)


  • 論文紹介:Jeff J. MacInnes, Kathryn C. Dickerson, Nan-kuei Chen, R. Alison Adcock: Cognitive Neurostimulation: Learning to Volitionally Sustain Ventral Tegmental Area Activ. Neuron 89, 1331–1342, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Fuqiang Zhao, Marie A. Holahan, Andrea K. Houghton, Richard Hargreaves, Jeffrey L. Evelhoch, Christopher T.Winkelmann, Donald S. Williams: Functional imaging of olfaction by CBV fMRI inmonkeys: Insight into the role of olfactory bulb in habituation. NeuroImage 106, 364–372, 2015.
  • 出張報告(SfN)


  • 論文紹介:Ai Koizumi, Kaoru Amano, Aurelio Cortese, Kazuhisa Shibata, Wako Yoshida, Ben Seymour, Mitsuo Kawato and Hakwan Lau: Fear reduction without fear through reinforcement of neural activity that bypasses conscious exposure. Nature Human Behaviour 1, ARTICLE NUMBER: 0006, 1–7, 2016.
  • 出張報告(SfN)


  • 論文紹介:Neil Garrett, Stephanie C Lazzaro, Dan Ariely & Tali Sharot: The brain adapts to dishonesty. Nature Neuroscience Advance online publication, 1–6, 2016.
  • 論文投稿のすゝめ
  • 出張報告(SfN)


  • 論文紹介:Manish Saggar, Eve-Marie Quintin, Eliza Kienitz, Nicholas T. Bott, Zhaochun Sun, Wei-Chen Hong, Yin-hsuan Chien, Ning Liu, Robert F. Dougherty, Adam Royalty, Grace Hawthorne & Allan L. Reiss: Pictionary-based fMRI paradigm to study the neural correlates of spontaneous improvisation and figural creativity. Scientific Reports 5:10894, 1–11, 2015.
  • Research Proposal


  • 論文紹介:Joel S.C. Yang, PhD; Christian L. Nicholas, PhD; Gillian M. Nixon, MBChB, MD, FRACP; Margot J. Davey, MBBS, FRACP; Vicki Anderson, PhD; Adrian M. Walker, PhD; John A. Trinder, PhD; Rosemary S.C. Horne, PhD: Determining Sleep Quality in Children with Sleep Disordered Breathing: EEG Spectral Analysis Compared with Conventional Polysomnography. SLEEP 33, 1165–1172, 2010.
  • 出張報告(実験まとめ)


  • 論文紹介:Andreas Keller, Hanyi Zhuang, Qiuyi Chi, Leslie B. Vosshall & Hiroaki Matsunami: Genetic variation in a human odorant receptor alters odour perception. Nature 449, 468–472, 2007.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究活動のイントロとジャーナルクラブのやり方の説明


  • 論文紹介:Joseph E. Dunsmoor, Vishnu P. Murty, Lila Davachi & Elizabeth A. Phelps: Emotional learning selectively and retroactively strengthens memories for related events. Nature 520, 345–348, 2015.
  • 出張報告・研究進捗報告


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  • 出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Masahiro Shibasaki & Nobuo Masataka: The color red distorts time perception for men, but not for women. Scientific Reports 4:5899, 1–4, 2014.
  • 実験内容まとめ


  • 論文紹介:Stephanie Cook, Nicholas Fallon, Hazel Wright, Anna Thomas, Timo Giesbrecht, Matt Field and Andrej Stancak: Pleasant and Unpleasant Odors Influence Hedonic Evaluations of Human Faces: An Event-Related Potential Study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9:661, 1–10, 2015.
  • 出張報告・研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Silvy H P Collin, Branka Milivojevic & Christian F Doeller: Memory hierarchies map onto the hippocampal long axis in humans. Nature Neuroscience 18, 1562–1564, 2015.
  • 出張報告・研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:FREDERICO A.C. AZEVEDO, LUDMILA R.B. CARVALHO, LEA T. GRINBERG, JOSÉ MARCELO FARFEL, RENATA E.L. FERRETTI, RENATA E.P. LEITE, WILSON JACOB FILHO, ROBERTO LENT, AND SUZANA HERCULANO-HOUZEL: Equal Numbers of Neuronal and Nonneuronal Cells Make the Human Brain an Isometrically Scaled-Up Primate Brain. The Journal of Comparative Neurology 513, 532–541, 2009.
  • 出張報告と諸連絡


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  • 出張報告


  • 論文紹介:Namni Goel, Raymund P. Lao: Sleep changes vary by odor perception in young adults. Biological Psychology 71, 341–349, 2006.
  • 実験内容まとめ


  • 論文紹介:Tom E. Hardwickea, Mahdi Taqia, and David R. Shanksa: Postretrieval new learning does not reliably induce human memory updating via reconsolidation. PNAS 113, 5206–5211, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • ポスター発表練習


  • 論文紹介:Jessica Taubert, Erik Van der Burg, & David Alais: Why I tense up when you watch me: Inferior parietal cortex mediates an audience’s influence on motor performance. Scientific Reports 6:19305, 1–11, 2016.
  • 諸連絡


  • 論文紹介:S. Barkat, E. Le Berre, G. Coureaud, G. Sicard and T. Thomas-Danguin: Perceptual Blending in Odor Mixtures Depends on the Nature of Odorants and Human Olfactory Expertise. Chemical Senses 37, 159–166, 2012.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Junhui Wu, Daniel Balliet & Paul A. M. Van Lange: Gossip Versus Punishment: The Efficiency of Reputation to Promote and Maintain Cooperation. Scientific Reports 6:23919, 1–8, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


  • 論文紹介:Jessica Taubert, Erik Van der Burg, & David Alais: Love at second sight: Sequential dependence of facial attractiveness in an on-line dating paradigm. Scientific Reports 6:22740, 1–5, 2016.
  • 諸連絡


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  • 研究進捗報告



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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究計画紹介


  • 論文紹介:Kyogo Kobayashi, Shunji Nakano, Mutsuki Amano, Daisuke Tsuboi, Tomoki Nishioka, Shingo Ikeda, Genta Yokoyama, Kozo Kaibuchi, and Ikue Mori: Single-Cell Memory Regulates a Neural Circuit for Sensory Behavior. Cell Reports 14, 1–11, 2016.
  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究参加者募集の手順まとめ


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 論文執筆の手引き


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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  • 研究進捗報告


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