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We discovered small molecule ‘Akhirin’ and ‘Tsukushi’ that express in mouse brain niche area. We are studying their functions in neurogenesis process.  Our another achievement is cellular multi-potency induction by Ribosomes. Currently, we are exploring the mechanisms and its functional implications.

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Transdifferentiation by Ribosome

Ribosomes are generally considered to be translational machines. Recent studies showed, it has other non-translational functions called "moon-lightning" . Ribosome can also act as a transdiffrentiation factor for differentiated cells.


Secreted proteoglycan molecule Tsukushi (TSK) regulates various developmental processes, such as early body patterning and neural plate formation by interacting with major signaling pathways like Wnt, BMP, Notch etc. 


 Akhirin, a secreted factor, first discovered in chick, is expressed in the ciliary marginal zone of the eye, where it works as a heterophilic cell‐adhesion molecule.  In mouse it acts as  a stem cell maintenance factor in the SVZ and in the DG .

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Our recent publication on the function of Akhirin  in neurogenesis has been selected as the Journal Volume cover. 

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