Research Team

Dr. Kunimasa Ohta

Dr. Ohta is the principal investigator (PI) of the lab. He is serving as a Professor of Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University . Dr. Ohta received his PhD degree from Kyushu University in Molecular Life ScienceHe did his post doctoral research at Dr. Keynes Lab,Department of Anatomy, University of Cambridge, England. 


Dr.Ohta was an associate professor at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, Kumamoto Universtiy working with Dr. Tanaka. He received  Kumamoto Medical Young Investigator award in 2005 and Saito award in 2015 for his distinguished work in neurogenesis and stem cell biology. He is a nominated member of the advisory scientific committee of International CCN Society and  the secretary general of Japanese Society of Developmental Biology.   His research endeavors is focused on unrevealing the mystery of stemcell regulation and its creation. His work emphasizes on mammalian  neurogenesis and diseases(stem cell regulation) and ribosome mediated cell reprogramming (stem cell creation).


Arif Istiaq

Arif Istiaq is a PhD, D2 student. He received his Master’s and Undergraduate degree majoring in Microbiology  from Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.He is a foreign student from Bangladesh. He did his master’s thesis on bacterial genomic resistance and evolutionary adaptation under Arsenic microbiome project  at Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics lab,University of Dhaka. He Joined Dr. Ohta’s Lab as a special research student (PhD) from Kumamoto University. His research focus is on cellular reprogramming mechanism triggered by ribosome incorporation into terminally differentiated cells. He is also involved in mouse brain neurogenesis  “Tsukushi” project.He has expertise in bionformatics and computer science.He is the recipient of HIGO Leading Scholarship and Kanehara Foundation Scholarship. 

I am a part time photographer, free time musician and full time science nerd !!

Mikiko Kudo

Mikiko Kudo is a PhD, D1 student. She received her Master`’s  and Undergraduate degree from Kumamoto University. She is from Kumamoto prefecture, Japan.She did her master’s thesis work at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, Kumamoto University which was Dr. Ohta’s previous Lab.Her dissertation work focused on ribosome incorporation in cancer cells. She studied the cell cycle arrest mechanism of human breast cancer cells MCF7 by ribosome incorporation. She was also involved in a brain neurogenesis project and worked on a nural stem cell regulating protein known as “Akhirin”. Currently, in her PhD research she is trying to unravel “Akhirin”s function for regulating the interrelationship between neural stem cell niche formation and agiogenesis. She is also working as a lab Research Assistant.

I  am a passionate cooker and I love to watch movies. When I am free, I dream traveling!!

Shintaro Nakayama

Shintaro Nakayama is a Master’s, M2 Student. He received his undergraduate degree from Kumamoto University. He is from Kyoto prefecture, Japan. He is a research student from the department of medical science, Kumamoto University.His research is focused on ribosome incorporation into the neural stem cells and  its impact on lineage commitment.  

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Kousei Takashi  

Takashi Kousei is a Master’s, M1 Student .  He received his Undergraduate degree from Kumamoto University. He is from Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. During his undergraduate he studied cell differentiation. Currently he is  researching on  the effect of ribosome incorporation in bovine cell to induce multipotency. 

I love watching youtube and doing body stretching exercises. I want to have versatile expertise in various fields. 

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